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Apple YA Finance app: $1,000 down for first time in 2 years

Apple YY Finance is offering a free trial of its mobile app to anyone who pre-orders the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The app, available for free on both Apple’s iOS and Android apps, allows users to take advantage of a $1.1 billion credit line to cover the cost of buying a new iPhone 6, iPhone 6S or iPhone SE.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are the latest models to hit the market in a year, and Apple has also launched the iPhone X, which is slated to be released next week.

Apple is also launching the Apple Watch Series 3 in July.

Apple’s iPhone 6 is the first iPhone that will ship with a 5.7-inch OLED display, making it one of the thinnest models ever to be offered by Apple.

The device has a 10.1-inch display with a Retina display.

The iPhone 6 also includes a wireless charging system, which allows users not to have to plug in to charge their devices while they walk around.

Read more Apple’s iPhone 5S is one of a few iPhone models that includes an IR blaster built into the back of the device, but the iPhone 5 has a similar design.

The Apple Watch’s OLED display also is slightly larger than that of the iPhone and is capable of displaying more information at once, but Apple said that display size is not an indicator of battery life.

“The Apple YS Finance app makes it easy to save and take advantage with no need to worry about charging,” Apple said in a statement.

“Apple YS offers you access to a comprehensive suite of financial and asset management tools that make it easy for you to manage your assets.”

The iPhone and Apple Watch are both available for pre-order now, with the iPhone SE coming to the US on Friday.

Apple also said it will offer the iPhone in two new colors: a bright yellow, and a metallic gold.

The company has previously used the yellow as a primary color for its devices, but it’s not used for iPhones.

Apple is also rolling out a new feature to its iPhone apps that will allow users to check out their Apple Pay purchases directly from the app.

The new feature will let iPhone users pay for items they can’t access from Apple Pay through a secure payment terminal.

The company has also introduced a new app called iPhone Finance.

This app will allow iPhone users to make payments through the iPhone app and the Apple Wallet, which offers a credit card payment system.

Users can also access their account with their iPhone through a new application called Apple Wallet.