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EasyPay Finance is the newest partner of Tledo Finance

EasyPay finance is the latest partner of the Tledon Finance network, bringing blockchain solutions to the global finance industry.

Tledos platform was created by Tledoes founders, Lai Hai Wang and Xiaoyan Wu.

According to Tledoz, the team is aiming to create a fully decentralized and open-source platform to help finance companies in the Asian market.

With EasyPay, the Thedos team is targeting the financial industry and has been developing an open- source blockchain solution since 2015.

It is the first and only platform to offer blockchain solutions, which can help businesses operate efficiently, and is also based on blockchain technology.

Thedo Finance has already been used to invest in more than 300 financial institutions, such as Tiedao, Alipay, and Ola.

With the launch of EasyPay as an investment vehicle, the group is also taking advantage of the existing ecosystem and has partnered with several financial institutions to provide a solution that is completely open source and transparent.

This will be the first time that EasyPay will be integrated into a global financial platform.

“Our goal is to provide companies with a viable blockchain solution that allows them to operate transparently and securely,” said Tledodo Finance CEO and founder Lai.

“We believe that by making EasyPay a global investment platform, we will also make the financial sector more transparent, and more accountable to its customers and shareholders.”

The partnership is a huge step for Tledods platform, as it means that Tledodo has the largest and most diverse ecosystem of blockchain companies in Asia.

The platform is also the first to partner with a company like EasyPay.

“The platform we created is a global platform for financial services companies.

We have a large team of engineers, designers, developers and traders who have the passion for blockchain and blockchain technology,” said Lai in a press release.

“With EasyPay and Tledodon, we have the opportunity to create the next generation of financial services platforms.

This is why we are excited to be a partner with them.”

The announcement comes as Tledomini is the new name of a financial service company based in the United Arab Emirates.

In 2018, the company received a US$3.5 million seed round from China’s Tencent Capital, which led to the launch in 2018.

The company has been looking to expand its platform to more countries, and Thedodos support for the Middle East and Africa is a great fit for the region.

Todos founder Laidra Al-Sudai, a former member of the UAE’s Financial Services Authority, explained the company’s purpose: “In the Middle Eastern and African markets, many companies lack financial services experience and the knowledge needed to operate efficiently.

With Tledoe, we aim to create an infrastructure that will enable the financial services industry to be more transparent and accountable to the customers and stakeholders.

We are looking forward to helping our clients grow their businesses in these regions.”