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Fiat Chrysler CEO calls Trump ‘a phony’ in new TV ad, but says ‘I can’t imagine’ he won’t make $7.6 billion

Fiat Chrysler President Sergio Marchionne has said he can’t “understand” President Donald Trump’s comments about his company, but he’s also defended the automaker’s “record and growth” under Trump.

In a new TV spot, titled “The End of the Beginning,” Marchionnne says he’s “truly grateful” for the jobs the U.S. economy created during the 2016 presidential campaign, and that he hopes the president doesn’t end up making millions.

But he also calls Trump a “phony” who “can’t imagine” he’ll make $6 billion from Fiat Chrysler, according to a clip posted to the company’s YouTube channel.

“It’s not that I’m not excited about Fiat Chrysler,” Marchantne says in the clip, which was posted Wednesday.

“It’s that we have been in this position before, where we didn’t have a clear vision of what we wanted to do.

And in that moment, that was a clear mistake.

So now, with the economy back on track, we’re just happy to have a job again.

And we’re going to continue to create jobs, just like we have for the past decade.”

Marchionne made headlines last month when he was forced to resign from Fiat after being implicated in a fraud investigation.

In the new ad, Marchionnetne and his son Sergio sit on a couch in the background, with a large camera peering into their faces.

Marchionnaes wife is shown in the corner.

He then addresses the camera: “I have to tell you, the guy in front of me is my friend.

I have to say this, the people that don’t understand me don’t really understand me.

That’s why we’re here.”

The ad ends with Marchionnan, seated behind the camera, saying: “In this moment, we have a chance to make history.

The future of the auto industry depends on it.

And the future of America depends on you.”