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FIFA says it will not be able to enforce sanctions against Qatar after its bid to host the 2022 World Cup

FIFA has announced it will allow Qatar to bid to become host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, despite a US investigation finding corruption, money laundering and money laundering allegations.

The FIFA Executive Committee voted on Monday to allow Qatar bid to be announced and formally ratified, with a decision due in late February.

The United States, which has been investigating the 2022 bid, said the decision to allow the bid to proceed without further investigation was based on its concerns about the integrity of the bidding process and “a desire to maintain our relationship with Qatar in a time of heightened global concerns about corruption, mismanagement and human rights abuses”.

Qatar is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal that has seen dozens of officials arrested in connection with alleged bribes, embezzlement and money-laundering offences.

Qatar’s bid for the 2022 tournament was approved by FIFA in May 2016, after a three-month review process.

The US has accused Qatar of failing to ensure its bid received adequate funding, with its 2022 bid being blocked by the World Bank in February.