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How to be an executive at the end of your career

Financial markets have had a turbulent past year.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped to a record low on Dec. 2 and the S&P 500 lost its first-ever daily record.

At the same time, the Federal Reserve has been holding off on tightening its monetary policy for more than a year, saying it will wait until it feels the economy is in better shape.

And the economic outlook is improving, but there are still some uncertainties.

And that’s led to some executive turnover.

We asked our staff to rank the top five executives in the finance industry to ensure that they are in the right jobs.

First, we wanted to know who they work for and what they are paid.

The answer: Goldman Sachs.

We’ve chosen five executive teams at Goldman that include three of the biggest players in the financial industry, the investment banking and corporate finance sectors.

These are the most accomplished executives in finance.

They are paid handsomely.

They do some of the most important work in the industry.

Here are their top five paychecks, courtesy of Forbes: Chief Financial Officer, Goldman Sachs Capital Inc. (GSBC) (1.9% of revenues) CEO, Goldman Capital Markets Inc. CFO, Goldman Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Chief Financial and Chief Accounting Officer, CFO Goldman Sachs Securities Inc. Director, Goldman Securities Group LLC (GSGL) Chief Financial Analyst, Goldman Group Investments (GSIG) Chief Compliance Officer, GSIG Goldman Sachs Financial Services Group Inc (GSFCI) Chief Investment Officer,GSFCII Goldman Sachs Equity Capital Corp (GSEC) Chief Executive Officer, GE Capital Holdings Inc. Vice President of Finance and Capital Markets, GE Financial Services Inc. Senior Vice President, Finance, GE Investment Management Co. Chief Compliance, GE Investments Capital Corp Vice President Finance and Compliance Officer and Chief Compliance Representative, GE Investor Services Inc Vice President Financial Services, GE Strategic Communications Inc Vice Chairman, GSIS Capital Markets LLC Chief Investment Strategist, GSIR Capital Markets Co. Senior Manager, GSIT Capital Markets Corporation Vice President Investor Relations and Finance, GSIP Capital Markets Group Inc Senior VP Investor Relations, GSI Capital Markets (GSIT) Senior VP Financial Services Investment Advisors, GSIC Capital Markets CFO and CFO GSIC Partners Inc (GSI) Senior Vice Chair, GSISA Capital Markets Corp Vice Chair and Chief Investment Analyst, GSIB Capital Markets International Inc (GCI) Vice Chair of the Board, GSIA Capital Markets U.S.A. Vice Chair Global and Global Equity, GSIL Capital Markets S.A., Inc. and Capital Global Partners Inc Vice Chair Capital Markets Australia and Asia Pacific, GSIM Capital Markets Asia Pacific Inc. Chairman of the Global Equity Committee, GSMI Capital Markets Management Australia, GSNC Capital Markets South Asia, GSN Capital Markets China, GSOC Capital Markets New Zealand and New Zealand, GSOM Capital Markets Europe and Central Europe, GSOS Capital Markets Germany and Central Asia, GSN Capital Markets Canada, GSOT Capital Markets India and Eastern Europe, GSS Capital Markets Southeast Asia, and GSOCOM Capital Management New Zealand.