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How to buy a home in Germany: The most expensive real estate in Europe

GERMANY’S real estate market is one of the most expensive in Europe, according to an analysis of a survey of all the properties in the country by the International Realty Institute.

The median price for a house in Germany rose 6.3 percent in the year ended September 30, while the median price in France climbed 6.7 percent, the IRI said.

The highest median price was in Austria, where the median was up 21.9 percent, and the lowest was in Italy, where it rose 5.7 points.

Here’s a rundown of the country’s priciest houses.

The list of the 100 most expensive houses in Europe is below.

(The data for 2018 were taken from a survey published in April.

It includes the median prices for all properties in a given country, excluding those with multiple properties.)

Here’s the full list: 1.

Pimlico, London (3,200 square feet) The median sale price is €1.4 million ($1.69 million) 2.

Neuhaus, Cologne (2,700 square feet, three bedrooms) The price has risen to €1 million 3.

Neue Mönchengladbach, Cologne ($1,865,000) 4.

Pomerania, Berlin ($1 million) The average sale price was €2.3 million ($2.55 million) 5.

Neufchateau, Hamburg ($1m) The cheapest property in Germany is the house at the Neufachte, which is located on a hillside in the city of Neufechampf near Potsdam, the study found.


Königsberg, Hamburg, Germany ($1 mil) 7.

Nürnberg, Berlin (1,400 square feet; three bedrooms, $1.1 million, sold in September) 8.

Rheinland-Pfalz, Stuttgart ($1) The highest selling house in the survey is a one-bedroom home in Rheindorf, which had an asking price of €1,500,000 ($1 and up) 9.

Kiel, Kiel ($1 for 1,000 square feet in August) 10.

Wuppertal, Cologne $1 million 11.

Neuchâtel, Berlin $1,000,000 12.

Köln, Cologne, Germany $500,00 13.

Leipzig, Germany €600,000 14.

Frankfurt, Germany (2) The most popular place to live in Germany, with 1,500 houses on the market in the first nine months of 2018, were: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg (7); Munich, Munich (2); Frankfurt, Hamburg and Hamburg (1); Frankfurt (1) 15.

Dortmund, Germany($1.2 million) 16.

Frankfurt-Brandenburg, Germany-$1 million 17.

Dortmund-Mainz, Germany$1.25 million 18.

Berlin-Oberlin, Germany€1 million 19.

Mainz, Baden-Württemberg, Germany1 million 20.

Frankfurt/Mainz (1 million), Germany$700,000 The most common types of houses in Germany include townhouses and apartments.

The country’s average home price has also increased steadily, rising 6.6 percent in 2018 to €831,000.

The top 10 most expensive homes in Germany in 2018 are listed below.


Neuer Hof, Munich €1 Million 2.

Stadtmeer, Berlin €1 mil 3.

Stühle, Cologne €1 $1M 4.

Kallstadt, Cologne€1.5 million 5.

Stutt-Westfalen, Hamburg €1m 6.

Trenz, Berlin€1M 7.

Oberhausen, Berlin, Germany 1 million 8.

Würzburg, Frankfurt €1M 9.

Niederösterreich, Munich $1million 10.

Neukölln, Munich€1,100,000