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How to get your tax dollars to help finance your mortgage

The Federal Reserve, the country’s largest lender and guarantor of mortgages, is a major beneficiary of low interest rates.

But its own record on the issue of low rates is far from perfect. 

As part of a broader investigation into the bank, the Wall Street Journal found that the Federal Reserve has been accused of overstepping its bounds on lending to borrowers in need, with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) saying that the bank “continues to offer inadequate and inaccurate information regarding the cost of mortgage loans.”

In a statement, the FDIC said: We will continue to work with the Government of the United States on ensuring the appropriate oversight and transparency of our FDIC mortgage products and programs.

The bank also confirmed that its lending to individuals has declined, with its last loan to a single person, a $500,000 loan to a single person from 2014.

The Journal report came as President Donald Trump attempted to address the issue with a call to Congress for a $1 trillion boost to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts. 

In his speech on Monday, Trump said that the Fed’s “policies are a recipe for disaster,” adding that he had been told by the bank that the banks’ low rates would result in “great credit ratings.”

He also said that the U.S. economy is “underperforming” because the Fed has made “a mistake in letting these risky assets go to the highest bidder.”

“These are the kind of decisions that have brought our economy to its knees and cost us millions of jobs,” Trump said. 

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FDIPC said it had received “more than 200 complaints” since the newspaper broke the story on May 1. 

“It is critical that the government do its part to protect our financial system, which is critical for our economy and our economy’s ability to generate wealth and grow,” FDIC Chairman William Dudley told reporters. 

While the FDIFC did not comment specifically on the allegations against the Fed, it did say in a statement: The Federal Reserve is responsible for ensuring that the FHA and Freddie-MIA are insured against loss of value or impairment of their essential functions. 

The FDIC, meanwhile, has issued a “Statement of Principles” about the Federal reserve’s lending practices, which state that the agency must follow all federal regulations and that it is “a good faith provider of mortgage and home equity loans to eligible individuals.” 

The statement continues: Fannie Mae has a policy that it provides only qualified mortgages to people in need. 

Groups and individuals who are in financial distress should contact the FCA and the FDIL to determine whether they need assistance with their mortgages or credit card applications. 

According to the FDICH, the agency “conducts periodic assessments of the effectiveness of our loan products, the impact on loan performance and compliance with all federal and state laws, and the overall financial condition of the loan originator.” 

A spokesperson for the FDICO told Polygon that the department was working to review the Journal’s report.