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How to make your next car an all-electric luxury car with Ford’s $3,500 ‘Fender-Fender’ deal

By now, most people have heard of the “Ford Fender-Aerodynamics” or “Fender” branding.

And now, a brand-new Fender F-150 is getting the “F-Fenders” treatment.

Ford Motor Co. and the Fender family of brands unveiled the “Crown” brand this week.

The name refers to the “crown” of the Ford logo.

And the brand also uses the F-Fords iconic logo to mark the F150.

Fender Fender offers a range of luxury cars and trucks.

In 2017, it launched the Fenders “Cancer” line of luxury models.

And last year, it announced the F100, which is powered by a 5.4-liter V-6 engine that can produce over 600 horsepower.

In 2017, the F1 Ford is the first car in the Fiero family to be powered by an electric motor.

The new model also gets a redesigned front fascia and the rear bumper is made of aluminum.

It has a base price of $37,700.

The Fender is not the only brand to have the F series logo on its cars.

Ford says its new “S-Series” crossover and F-Series pickup trucks are also powered by the same engines.

Ford has also introduced a number of “F” branded vehicles in recent years, including the F200, F300, and F350.

It also offers a new “C” line and a new F-series truck.

Ford has also announced a number on its “D” and “S” series cars.

F-Series pickups, meanwhile, use an electric motorshaft for power.

And F-class models, like the F80 and F100 will have an all electric powertrain.

Fiero and F1 vehicles, meanwhile are powered by Ford’s new, more efficient V-8 engine.