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Nissan and American Honda Finance: Toyota is ready to take over Chrysler

A Toyota spokesman said on Wednesday that the automaker would be entering into a strategic partnership with Chrysler Group LLC, the automaking giant’s parent company, to create the Toyota Finance Center, which would focus on financing the Japanese automaker’s global operations.

The new center would be a joint venture with Chrysler’s parent companies, Toyota Motor North America, which owns the Toyota brand and U.S. automaker Toyota.

It is unclear what would become of the existing Chrysler Finance Center.

The automaker did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In April, U.K.-based Toyota Motor Co. announced it was joining the U.N. Climate Action Fund as a “global financial institution” to work with the U!

K.-led Climate Action Network, a network of environmental and climate groups.

In a statement, Toyota said it was interested in working with the Climate Action Center because it “has been a great partner” and the two companies would work together to help tackle climate change.

“Together, we have seen great strides in the reduction of emissions and the transition to clean energy and we are looking forward to partnering with Climate Action to work together on future initiatives,” the statement said.