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Twitter, Instagram, and Yahoo Finance: Who wins?

With the social media platform Instagram and the Yahoo Finance app, users can easily exchange information with other members of their social networks.

However, the two apps share a common foe in the form of Twitter’s $20 billion advertising business and the growing power of Facebook, which has made it easier for marketers to target users with ads.

The Instagram-Yahoo Finance war began in October, when Yahoo launched a new ad platform called Insta.

Insta users can exchange real-time information and videos from Instagram and share it with their Instagram followers, as well as other Instagram users.

The app also offers advertisers access to Instagram’s millions of users, as the platform allows advertisers to create personalized ads for each Instagram user.

Insta was designed to help advertisers get better insights into Instagram’s user base, according to Twitter, which said the feature was created for the purpose of “targeting Instagram’s more than 1 billion monthly active users to increase the value of their ads on Instagram.”

Insta launched in November and quickly gained traction, according in part to the popularity of the Instagram-branded video sharing app.

In a recent investor presentation, Twitter’s senior vice president of global media, Mike Krieger, said Insta was “the first real-world social network that really allows marketers to reach their audiences.”

Instagram’s growth and power were on display when Yahoo Finance CEO and founder Joe Lopes launched Instagram Finance, which allows investors to trade in shares of Instagram.

Lopes is a Facebook investor who is also a Twitter investor.

Yahoo Finance allows users to trade shares in the social network, which can be viewed by anyone.

Lopes, a former Instagram investor, said Instagram Finance will help his company expand into other social media and video sharing platforms.

“Instagram Finance will allow us to go from Instagram being a tool to reach the broader Instagram user base to being a social network for investors,” Lopes said in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

“Instagram and Facebook will continue to be our most valuable growth partners and our key competitors.”

Lopes said Instagram is a “super platform” that allows people to have a voice in the world.

“I think it’s important that you have a platform that people can see and feel a part of,” Lops said.

For now, Instagram Finance has seen modest growth, but is expected to be worth about $2 billion in 2018.

On the flip side, Instagram has struggled with growing pains.

In November, the social platform had a big drop in user growth when it saw a spike in user engagement.

It saw a similar drop this month when its user growth declined.

Yahoo’s Lopes, however, said his company will be able to take advantage of Instagram’s popularity.

“Yahoo is very interested in Instagram,” Lodes said.

“We will be a bigger player in the platform.

We will be doing more, and we will be more strategic in the way we use Instagram.”

Lodes said Instagram will continue as a tool for advertisers, and that he sees Instagram as a place to build brands, such as his company, the company he co-founded in 2011.

Lopez, the Yahoo chief financial officer, said the social sharing platform is growing faster than Instagram, as more users share photos and videos.

“Insta is the place to share information with people that they can see on their own,” Lopez said.

Losas also pointed out that Instagram is the company’s most popular revenue stream, with $1 billion in revenue for the fiscal year ending in March.

“The way that we do business, we’re very much a social company, and Instagram is very much like a video app,” Lopez added.

“If we can get a piece of Instagram, we can go into other platforms and start building brand recognition for ourselves,” Loesas added.

“If we don’t have a piece, we will do the same thing.”