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What to expect from ETV’s new deal

ETV, the leading provider of digital sports content in the UK, has signed a deal to offer its digital rights to pay-TV broadcasters.

The move comes after ETV was acquired by the Spanish ISP Telefónica for £5.3bn in December, with the acquisition set to deliver an estimated 4 million pay-tv customers by 2020.

The deal comes a week after ETR announced a major $1bn funding round, and also comes as the UK government unveiled plans to introduce a cap on TV-on-demand prices.

It follows ETV signing a deal with Sky Sports last year, which will see it acquire the rights to the sport’s biggest pay-per-view events.

The deal, expected to close by the end of the year, will see Sky Sports carry the event in the EPL and Premier League.

“We’re delighted to be working with ETV on this new deal, which is one of the biggest digital rights deals in history,” said Rupert Murdoch, CEO of ETV.

“We know that fans want more of what we have to offer and more sports in their homes, and the opportunity to deliver more of that through our live streaming platform, which brings a level of engagement, interactivity and entertainment that fans have always wanted.”

“We’ve had a lot of success with our online platform, and we look forward to seeing how the ETV and SkySports platforms complement each other,” added ETR’s chairman, Mark Pritchard.

“ETV and our partners are committed to delivering the best sports and entertainment experience to fans across the UK.”

“It’s great news for fans of the game, for the ETR family and for all the sports fans in the country who want to see the best live sports in the world,” said the EPR, which represents the UK’s leading sports rights holders, including Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

“This deal shows that ETV is a leader in the digital realm, and that we can be trusted to deliver on their commitment to deliver a great sport experience for fans across this country,” said Peter Hirst, EPR chief executive.

“I’m delighted to see that ETR has secured this deal with a world-class sports content partner, and it will bring together the best in sports content to deliver the best possible live sports experience for our fans.”

The new deal is likely to mean an increase in ETV subscriber numbers, with its previous deal with BT, which came to an end last year and is now being renegotiated, due to expire in 2022.ETV’s pay-television service is the third-largest provider of sports rights in the EU, behind Sky and BT.