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When Yamaha’s ‘Biz’ is at its best

YAMAHASHA FINANCE, the global equity firm, has bought Japanese company Alpha Finance for $5 billion.

Alpha Finance has been building up its wealth by selling off assets like assets of its largest shareholder, Yamaha.

YAMAGERO KAZUKI The financial services company that invests in the world’s top-earning firms.

Its holdings include Ford, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola and other large companies.

It has also made a series of acquisitions in the past decade, buying into companies like Coca-cola, Visa and Deutsche Bank.

In April, it bought the UK-based asset manager of the world, Fidelity Investments, for $1.2 billion.

It also bought up another financial services firm, KPMG.

The firm’s CEO, William K. White, has made a point of courting the world of financial services.

The two men have both had personal ties to the former British prime minister, Tony Blair.

White has previously made his views known on Brexit, the referendum on Scottish independence and the US presidential election.

The pair have had their own personal problems over the years.

The finance chief was suspended from the company after he allegedly misused company funds.

The chief has since been reinstated, but the allegations have dogged his career.

YUMASHA KAZUKEI The Japanese automaker has been expanding its presence in the Middle East and Africa for the past several years, but its plans have been delayed.

The company, which has a global footprint of nearly 10,000 employees, has been in the spotlight since the November 2015 suicide of two Japanese employees, the worst workplace incident since the financial crisis of 2008.

YUMA FUJINDAIYAMA, the Japanese insurance giant, is also taking a stake in YAMAMURA FUJA, a Japanese asset manager, which will invest $5.6 billion in the Japanese giant’s investments in the next three years.

A spokesman for the company told Reuters: “We look forward to working with YAMAFUJA on a variety of opportunities.”