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Which is more efficient for companies? – The Business of Business

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank have developed the world’s first Financial Definition of Business (FDBS).

According to the definition, the FDBS is a framework that describes the business activities of a multinational corporation and sets out the types of business activity that can be expected from the organisation.

The FDBS was developed by the International Finance Corp (Ifc) and World Bank to facilitate the financial activities of multinational corporations.

The project is an ambitious one.

It will be the first time that the FDbs is integrated into the International Financial Architecture.

The World Bank is the main provider of the FDBs, with a budget of US$3.5 billion.

IFC has been a global financial governance and investment group for more than 20 years, with branches in more than 60 countries.

The first World Bank-IFC FDBS will be developed in partnership with the US Federal Reserve.

The idea behind the FDB is that companies can be judged on the basis of the overall performance of their financial activities and on the financial strength of their operations.

The bank will use a global database of companies to identify the companies that meet these criteria.

The framework is based on a set of business characteristics that can define a business in terms of its business structure, operational structure, market share, and other attributes.

The new FDBS framework is an innovation in the governance and finance industry and is expected to become the basis for a global governance and financial architecture.

Read more about IFC and the FDBC on the official World Bank website.