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Which is the best way to save?

The best way, and one we’ve already tried and failed, is to save by using Amazon’s cash back and a combination of your own savings and Amazon Prime.

That’s because, as it stands, cash back is free.

But, there are a few caveats.

First, cash is only available to those who have purchased at least $1,000 of Amazon products within the past 30 days, so the cash back rate isn’t particularly high.

The second caveat is that Amazon Prime is not free.

And it’s not just Prime that is excluded from Amazon Cash back: you’ll need to pay a $10 minimum for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, and you’ll also need to have a credit card to access Amazon’s other programs.

It’s not free to try Amazon’s Cash back program, but the $10 signup fee means you’re likely to be getting a free trial, so it’s worth trying.

For the best cashback rates, check out our Best-Selling Amazon Cash Back Rate Chart, which lists the top cashback offers from Amazon, as well as the average cashback rate across all offers.

The best places to save cash for the holidays are:Best Credit Card Savings for the HolidaysIf you have credit card debt that’s too high, and if you’re a single adult who’s still saving to buy your own home, you might consider applying for a credit line with a credit union.

These banks will offer a 3.5% interest rate, with an annual fee of 0.25%.

If you can’t save up enough cash to pay off your debt with credit cards, a second credit card could help you pay down your credit card debts.

Here’s how to find out more about the best credit card savings programs for the holiday season.

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