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Why I’m selling my home and renting instead

In 2016, I bought a property on a hill in rural Georgia that was about 60 acres in size.

I wanted to be able to sell it, and I also wanted to give the land to a family member.

The sale came with a $3,000 deposit, but it was more than I could afford.

I needed to find a new home. 

The next year, I was living in a tiny apartment on the same street as a house on the other side of town.

I was thinking of buying another house.

I also had a small farm nearby. 

I saw a friend’s farm, and thought it would be a good place to rent out my land. 

This was a dream come true, so I decided to rent it out to a farmer for the year.

I rented a farm and rented out a house.

The house was on my property, and the farm was on the property of my neighbor, who I knew was interested in buying the house. 

My goal was to build an amazing home that was beautiful and large, but that would also allow me to raise animals and be financially self-sufficient.

I did a lot of research on the subject and found out that people with small-scale farming have a good chance of selling their land for profit.

The people who own their land have the ability to turn a profit when they sell it to other buyers. 

In 2018, I decided that I needed a small- or medium-sized farm to help me achieve my goals, and that I would sell it. 

When I looked at the prices I was paying, I realized that I could sell my land for $1,500 and still have a profit.

I had a great feeling about selling the farm, so it seemed like a no-brainer to me. 

After selling the property to my friend, I rented it out as a place for me to grow food. 

At first, I would harvest about a dozen of my own crops and sell them at the farmer’s market.

This was great.

I would have enough money to buy food and feed my family for the next few years, but I would also have the income to buy more of my farm. 

During this time, I continued to grow my own vegetables and herbs. 

Eventually, I got the idea to build a greenhouse, which was something I had been wanting to do for years.

It would help me grow my produce and help me get more income from my land to help pay for my college education. 

A couple of months into my experiment, I saw a few people who were interested in renting out their land to farmers.

I contacted them and made arrangements to rent the land for them. 

While the rental was a good deal, the farmers were struggling financially.

I could see that they had some money in their bank account, but they were struggling with the cost of rent and food.

They didn’t want to lose money, so they were hesitant to take on more debt to buy the farm.

So I decided I needed more cash to help cover the costs of the rental. 

That fall, I found a friend who had a similar situation.

She wanted to sell her land for a lot less money, and she could see the benefit of doing so. 

We worked together to sell the land and get it for a low price. 

Within the next six months, we sold almost every part of the property for around $1. 

Now, I am able to pay for school, rent and utilities on a monthly basis, and all of my expenses are covered. 

But there was one problem: the money I was making was only making up part of my income.

I am making just $1 per hour on my time working on the farm and about $1 for each hour of work I do on the land.

My gross salary for the past year was about $3.30 per hour. 

There is a reason that most farmers don’t earn much more than a minimum wage worker: they often do not have the money to invest in education, research or training. 

As a result, many farmers are forced to work long hours without pay, and are unable to invest their own money in the future. 

These farmers have to sell their land and pay rent in order to afford to educate their family, which is what drives many farmers to retire early. 

With the help of a family friend, we were able to get the money we needed to rent a farm for our kids.

The family and I have now been able to raise three kids together.

We are now able to buy our own farm equipment and purchase the equipment that we need to raise our kids in our home.

We have even started a new farm business to help support our family and expand our farming business. 

Unfortunately, the cost and time required to produce these types of products and grow them are not affordable for most farmers. 

Some farmers are able to save up and buy more land and invest in a farm that they