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Yahoo Finance to Offer $1.99 Billion to Invest in Yahoo Finance’s Growth

Yahoo Finance has raised $1 billion to invest in its growth and diversification efforts, the company announced Wednesday.

The investment in Yahoo’s technology businesses comes on the heels of Yahoo launching a new investment arm, called Yahoo Ventures, and an expansion of the company’s core technology businesses.

Yahoo Finance also announced plans to expand its investment arm into the healthcare space and to expand into education.

Yahoo Finance, which will become part of Yahoo’s strategic investment arm in the coming months, will be focused on its core technology business and is currently focused on investing in healthcare and education.

Investors in Yahoo finance will also be able to purchase Yahoo Finance shares through Yahoo.com and Yahoo Finance, the companies said.

The investment is expected to be valued at $1,000 per share, and will have an initial public offering in the second quarter of 2019.